Thursday 29th May

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Walking the Rakitnica Canyon

The astounding beauty of the Rakitnica Canyon  has  to be  experienced  to be believed.

This two and a half hour walk  commences in Lukomir, the  highest and  remotest  village in Europe, built  in  traditional  Bosnian  style on the edge of the Rakitnica Canyon.

Enjoy  the opportunity  of meeting the self sufficient villagers of Lukomir and discover  their  primitive  way  of  life.

Walk the breath  taking canyon  passage and languish in the diversity of landscapes, which incorporates rivers, waterfalls, watermills, forests and plains.

Enjoy a well  deserved Grand Canyon Picnic overlooking the Seven Watermills.

End  this days  expedition  with a sumptuous hot and cold evening buffet.

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