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When Vinka Brekalo was told she was expecting twins she almost collapsed from shock. There never had been twins on her husband’s side or hers. Her shock soon turned to joy as both families could not contain the excitement of first time twins in the family. The guessing game began, would the babies be boys, girls or a girl and boy. Everyone just had to wait and see what arrived on the day. Thirty weeks into her pregnancy, Vinka went into premature labour and was admitted to Mostar hospital. Later that day the news that Vinka and her husband Jure had become proud, first time parents of a beautiful baby boy and a baby girl reached their village.
The little boy would be called Marko after his paternal grand father and the little girl was to be called Martina. Due to their small weights they were immediately baptised and placed side by side in incubators.

A Sick Little Boy

After one week in the incubators the babies were making good progress and Vinka had no need to worry when she was discharged from hospital. She could make the daily journey to see her adorable little tots quite comfortably and keep and eye on them. After thirteen days Marko was removed from the incubator.  The hospital was trying to save energy costs. One week later the paediatric staff noticed a major deterioration in Marko. He had been removed far too soon from the life saving warmth and comfort of the incubator and had suffered quite a severe brain haemorrhage. He was put back into the incubator and remained there for another two weeks. The medical staff could only tell the family that they would have to wait and see what progress he made as to ascertain brain damage, if any. Marko’s twin sister continued to make good progress. Their concerns focused on Marko.

Worrying times

At six months Vinka noticed a major difference between the developments of Marko and that of his sister. Martina was developing in all the right ways. She was doing all the usual baby things, whilst Marko appeared to be just a lazy baby. Little Marko then developed convulsions. Vinka began to worry and she had every good reason to do so. Marko was now one year old and Vinka was exerting huge efforts in getting him to walk. He slowly began to do so until he had a major convulsion. He fell to the floor and broke several bones including his knee cap. His knee cap never healed properly and then after another fall resulting from another convulsion he shattered it again. Today Marko is as you see him in the photograph. His bones are twisted and his muscles are completely wasted. He had another brain haemorrhage by the time he was five and that resulted in him never being able to speak or move again. The only muscles he can move are his eye muscles. He is very lovingly cared for by his mother and family.

Another Disaster

 His father Jure ruptured three discs in his lower back three years ago when a barrel of oil fell on him. He is confined to lying on a mattress in front of the stove because of intense pain. His pain can be so severe that it drives him a foot into the air. They have been unable to get any compensation for his injuries which has left them without any income whatsoever.

Needing a new home
The house they presently occupy is on the side of a steep hill and completely unsuitable for accessesability as they are unable to get Marko and his dad in or out of the house.
We need your help to make this happen. Can you please help us help this family?

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