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The displaced people of Bosnia Herzegovina have been living in shacks for the past thirteen years. The shacks are 16ft X 12ft and are made from fibre glass with asbestos roofs. Tasovcici refugee camp is situated 20 minutes from the city of Mostar.

The shacks consist of one room and there are no provisions for water, sanitary facilities or heat. The temperatures in the shacks sore to boiling point during the summer and to freezing point in the winter months. The shacks were built thirteen years ago to provide temporary shelter for families fleeing ethnic cleansing during the war years. Almost 1000 people continue to live here many rearing children with severe disabilities.

Their food rations were one meal per day and were provided from the camp kitchen until it was closed in August 2007. Their sanitary facilities are communal and unfit for a human being to step into. Their average salary is €10 per day for those that are fortunate to find work in a crippled economy. None of these families will ever be in a position to build another home.

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