Friday 30th May

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Friday 30th May

•A day  trip  to  Herzegovina  will take us through the spectacular fjords encapsulated in the Bosnian mountains. 

•Visit  the quintessential Ottoman quarters of the old city of Mostar and absorb the quaintness of the shopping areas.

•Catch  the thrill of  professional divers plunge 25metres into the Neretva River from the world famous old bridge. 

•Visit  the work of Rebuild for Bosnia and the people of Tasovcici  refugee camp whom will be the beneficiaries of your fund raising efforts. 

•Visit Blagaj. It is the finest example of an underground karst river. It  flows  out  of a 200m cliff wall  and single-handedly creates the  Buna  River.  Unsurprisingly, the Ottoman sultan was impressed, and ordered a tekija to be  built  right next to it. This 16th century  house/monastery was  built  for the Dervish cults and is still one of the most mystical places in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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