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Rebuild for Bosnia's mission. Our mission is help the displaced people of Bosnia Herzegovina rebuild their homes and lives. The displaced people presently live in collective centres for refugees, made from fibre glass and asbestos. Families have been occupying huts and shacks since their homes were permanently destroyed and their towns and villages cleansed of their own ethnicity.

In order to achieve this we engage in long term solutions by building secure and permanent homes for the the most vulnerable. To date Rebuild for Bosnia has rebuilt homes for well over 1100 people.


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Who we are

larger-logoRebuild for Bosnia is a non-governmental, humanitarian and non denominational organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the most marginalised in Bosnia Herzegovina.

How Rebuild for Bosnia began:

The catalyst which gave rise to Rebuild for Bosnia was the devastating war which happen edthere between 1992-1995, a war which is now recognised as the worst war since World War II. The war devastated hundreds of thousands of homes, destroyed entire communities and villages. Due to the world wide press coverage the war received, emergency aid poured from Ireland to help the fleeing refugees. Emergency aid in the form of medicines and food were shipped to alleviate the suffering of almost two and quarter million people who became displaced as war quickly engulfed the entire country.

What happened after the war

After a peace agreement was reached in Dayton, Ohio in August 1995 the displaced discovered to their dismay that they had no homes to return to and sought shelter in huts, shacks, disused houses and homes belonging to other ethnic groups.
Rebuild for Bosnia was formed to address the devastating need of the forgotten people of Bosnia Herzegovina offering them the opportunity of establishing new and permanent homes.


Forming alliances around the globe

In order to achieve our mission, Rebuild for Bosnia has formed working relationships with partners on the ground in Bosnia Herzegovina thus enabling us to offer a professional, caring and efficient service. The charity has also formed working alliances with partners around the globe that highlight the plight of the forgotten people and fund raise to build new homes.

Message from the Chairperson & Co-Founder.

Patricia Keane

When War Erupted

bosnian war grave image
  • Within 18 months of the conflict beginning the following took place.
  • 2.2 million of the countries 4.3 million population were displaced and dispersed all over the Balkans ,Europe and America.
  • Ethnic explusion immediately began occuring throughout the entire country of Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • Several hundred prisoner of war camps or concentration camps were established to collect and confine civilians of all ethnicity.
  • By the end of 1993, one hundred and fifty one mass graves were found mainly clustered around principal places of detention.
  • Two hundred thousand people mostly young boys and men lost their lives as a result of genocide, gendercide and combat.
  • Nine thousand young men and boys lost their lives in one act of gendercide alone in Srebrenica in July 1995.
  • Hundreds of thousand of homes were destroyed forever.

After The War

  • 450,000 people remain displaced from their original homes and live in shacks and disused buildings.
  • 225,000 woman are war widows as a result of gendercide and combat.
  • 17,000 people are missing without trace, presumably buried in mass graves.
    Mass graves continue to be discovered. In August 2006 one mass grave was opened and 1005 bodies were discovered in it.
  • 10 refugee camps remain open with approximately 1000 people in each camp.
  • 20,000 families are living without sanitary facilities.
  • 60% of the population is unemployed.

Post Traumatic War Stress Syndrome is now the greatest enemy. Thousands of former soldiers who survived the war are mentally crippled because of their trauma and are incapable of working.

Army Pensions have been recently cut by 70% and now average €30.00 per month.

Social Welfare Benefits are non existent in Bosnia Herzegovina.

A typical monthly salary for a doctor is €400.00, a nurse recevies €125,00 and a shop assistant €100.00.

The cost of hospital care is enormous and as a result a very substantial amount of people are unable to purchase medicines and pay for medical treatments. Government funding for hospitals is extremely curtailed and the hospital facilities are reflective of those provided in western Europe forty years ago.

Woman now resort to selling their kidneys as a means of providing much needed money to feed their children and sustain a roof over their heads.

It is envisaged that it will now be 2016 before Bosnia Herzegovina will be in a position to join the European Union as the Government's only wealth is in Administrators, with 14 Governments and over 150 Ministers.


How dreams become a reality

Tasuvcici – The Shack Factor

Tasuvcici – The Shack Factor

The Marko Brekalo Project

The Marko Brekalo Project

The Hodbina Project

The Hodbina Project


Regular Donation

rebuild-for-bosnia-newsWe have many families that we sustain with a food allowance per month, otherwise they would be starving. If you are interested in finding out more about our families that require monthly support we would be very happy to introduce them to you by emailing their profile. email us at rebuildforbosnia@eircom.net.
You may also set up a regular donation through Direct Debit in order to support our ongoing projects.  Rebuild for Bosnia will promise that your donation will help the families that we are presently building homes for. Your regular donation means Rebuild for Bosnia will be in a position to provide sustainability, as well as the security needed.

A regular donation means we can guarantee ongoing monthly living allowances . Therefore more of your donation goes directly towards helping people in the poorest country in Europe with unemployment running at 45% - 60%.
€100 a month will help Rebuild for Bosnia provide nourishing food for one family for a whole month.
€50 a month would help buy medicines for those on long term medication.
€30 a month would help pay for electricity and fuel for families with very little income.

A Single Donation

Rebuild for Bosnia depends on donations to carry out a large proportion of its work. You can give a single donation whichpicture11 will be used where the need is greatest, or choose to give to one of the specific appeals. Simply enter the amount you would like to donate.

Tax Back – Revenue
Rebuild for Bosnia can reclaim tax on donations of €250 and over made by PAYE employees in the Republic of Ireland. We can provide you with a tax deductible certificate to make your tax return.
PAYE- Only Individual

(a)    Individual on the standard rate of tax i.e. 20%. Individual donates €500 value of donation to Rebuild for Bosnia = €625  (i.e. €500 x )
Tax associated with the donation  (€625 -€500) = €125
Rebuild for Bosnia will therefore be able to claim a repayment of €125 from Revenue at the end of the tax year.

(b)Individual on the higher rate of tax i.e. 42%
Individual donates €500. The tax associated with the donation is €862 less €500 = €362.00
Rebuild for Bosnia will therefore be able to claim a repayment of €362 from Revenue at the end of the tax year.

Self-assessed individual
Individual on the standard rate i.e. 20%
Individual donates €500 and receives tax relief @ 20% (€100). Cost to the taxpayer is €400 and receipt by Rebuild for Bosnia is €500 – the self-assessed individual will simply claim a deduction for the donation on his/ her tax return, there is no grossing up arrangement and therefore no repayment claim by Rebuild for Bosnia arises.

Individual on the higher rate i.e. 42%
Individual donates €500 and receives tax relief @ 42% (€210). Cost to the taxpayer is €290 and receipt by Rebuild for Bosnia is €500 – again there is no grossing up arrangement and therefore no repayment claim by Rebuild for Bosnia arises.

Corporate donations
Company X donates €1,000 to an eligible charity or approved body. Assuming a corporation tax rate of 12.½%, relief to the company is €125 i.e. €1,000 @ 12.½%. While Rebuild for Bosnia has the benefit of €1,000, the cost to the company of making the donation is only €875 (€1,000 - €125). The company will simply claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense, there is no grossing up arrangement and therefore no repayment claim by Rebuild for Bosnia arises.

Rebuild for Bosnia is a registered non profit organisaton in the United States.

Be The Change

Through your support be the change with Rebuild for Bosnia


By simply building a team and sponsoring a home.

Having presented to you the reality of being a victim of the war in Bosnia Herzegovina we hope you have a greater understanding of the peoples' needs and the reason why they have those needs.

We have also presented what Rebuild for Bosnia has done to end homelessness for displaced families during the past nine years and what we are currently doing.

Now we invite you to be the change with Rebuild for Bosnia and help make these 12 homes a reality.

If your answer to the invitation is yes then the next step is to talk to like minded people who would like to be part of your team.

Decide what fund raising methods or events you will organise to raise €35,000 for a two bedroom apartment for the displaced elderly, €42,000 for a two bedroom house and €49,000 for a three bedroom house.

Decide how quickly you are going to begin your fundraising campaign and set a date to have the funds raised by.

Then you are the change

We are available to help, advise and work with you in any capacity in order for you to be the change.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

Donations can be made through Rebuild for Bosnia House Account, Allied Irish Bank, Main Street, Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland.
Account number 30851016 Sort Code 93 32 44

For international transfers:

Swift code AIB KIE 2D

IBAN: IE 85 AIBK 9332 4430 8510 16

Rebuild for Bosnia has non profit status in United States of America. Full details available on request.


email: rebuildforbosnia@eircom.net


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